Key permissions

Postal permit

In 2011, we obtained the Danish Transport Authority’s permit for commercial mail transport (cf. Permit nr. TS 40101-00002). The licence to operate a postal service was issued in accordance with section 1 of Executive Order No. 727 of 24th June 2011 of Postal Act No. 1536 of 21st December 2010. 

You can view and read our permission via the link here. 

We cooperate with the law firm IUNO

We cooperate with the law firm IUNO, Njalsgade 19C, 3. 2300 Copenhagen S., on obtaining keys to the properties where we do not have access to the property’s mailboxes. The same arrangement also applies to Det Nordjyske Mediehus. In order to ensure distribution of letters, magazines, and newspapers, we must be provided with keys/passwords on request. Cf. the excerpt from the Danish Postal Act below, we are entitled to access all stairways in Denmark. 

“It is the responsibility of the owner/administrator etc. of locked letterbox systems/mailboxes to give approved postal operators access to these letterbox systems/mailboxes, cf. section 8(2) of Postal Act no. 1536 of 21st December 2010.” 

Keys locked away

All our assigned keys are of course stored in approved security lockers in locked rooms, so we need at least two keys (one for the room and one for the safe) to access all the keys. Keys used in overnight distribution are, after use, locked in security lockers.
Any additional key sets are not stored with the keys used for day-to-day distribution. 

We continuously monitor compliance with the rules regarding the storage of keys. We are willing to bear the cost of the keys themselves after invoice, but do not pay administrative expenses or deposits, as it is the responsibility of the owner/administrator etc. to give the postal company access to letterbox systems/mailboxes, cf. the above.