Avoid fraud

Be aware of fake messages

Unfortunately, we do experience spreading of fake texts and/or e-mails, where the sender pretends to be dao in order to obtain account numbers, passwords, and other personal information.

Here we guide you on how to avoid being deceived and check if you have received a fake message. If you suspect that you have been subjected to fraud, contact your bank immediately. 

Use our app or website
if you are in doubt

Use the dao app, so you can always keep track of when there is a parcel on its way to you. When you receive messages and information in the app, you can be sure they come from us. You can also always purchase shipping here.

Do you suspect fraud?

Are you unsure whether the message came from us? We have listed several tips that can make it easier for you to assess whether it’s a case of fraud or not. 

  • We never send out links for secure payment, money transfers, or the like. 
  • We only charge an extra fee for shipping at the sender’s end – and only if the shipping is purchased directly through our website or our app. The charge will always be on a parcel that is active in our system. 
  • Check the sender. We only send text messages or e-mails about your parcel as “dao”, “DAO”, or “DAO365.” 
  • Watch out for spelling mistakes. If the message contains many spelling errors, missing æ, ø, and å, or strange formulations, you can be almost certain that it’s a fake message. 

More information

You can also benefit from gathering information on sikkerdigital.dk.

Here, you can read more about the safe use of the internet, as well as what to do if an accident occurs. 

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