Newspapers since 1920

Newspapers since 1920

At dao, we are not just distributors of newspapers - we are part of bringing the story home to the Danes every day, 365 days a year. Become a part of the morning ritual and let's create good mornings together with fresh news delivered directly to the door.

Newspapers for more than 100 years

At dao, we are part of history! Our first day as newspaper carriers officially began on January 1st, 1921. Back then, the majority of the carriers were women who stored the newspapers in baby carriages when they delivered them. Today, much of our deliveries are made on electric scooters, electric bikes, and regular carrier bikes. 

Key Access

We have access to more than 95 procent of all entrances in Denmark. This means that the morning newspapers are ready for a good start to the day when we lock ourselves into the building – without disturbing.

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