Give your recipient the freedom of choice!

Give your recipient the freedom of choice!

With daoSHOP delivery, you can offer your customers a flexible delivery solution, allowing them to pick up their parcels when it suits them. With more than 1300 pickup locations across Denmark, we definitely have one near your recipient.

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Delivery 365 days a year

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Always Track & Trace

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Delivery in 18 hours

Easy delivery across Denmark

Flexibility is the key when sending parcels to one of our 1300 pickup locations with daoSHOP. We deliver seven days a week, so your parcel is quickly delivered to your recipient.

Dimensions and weight requirements

Max. weight: 15 kg
Max. length: 80 cm
Max. circumference + length: 240 cm

Please note that the package must be at least 10 x 15 x 1 cm. 

How to calculate:
Measure the longest side of the package (it may not exceed 80 cm). Circumference is calculated by measuring the width and height, adding the numbers together, and then multiplying the result by 2. These two results (the length and the circumference) are added together, and the total may not exceed 240 cm. 

Label-free return solution

Return parcels without printing a label

When you send parcels with us, you always receive a 9-digit code, which your recipients can use to return the parcel. This means that your recipients do not need a printer to send return parcels with us.

Proper packaging

Read more and get tips on how to pack your goods so that they are protected as best as possible on the way from you to your recipient.

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