Delivery 365 days a year - wherever suits you

Delivery 365 days a year - wherever suits you

From home delivery and shop-to-shop delivery to parcels across Europe, you can offer your customers the delivery method that suits you best. We’ve got it all covered, so your parcels always arrive with a smile.

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Delivery 365 days a year

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Focus on sustainability

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Delivery since 1920

From you to your recipient in less than 16 hours!

With dao home delivery, your parcels are delivered during the night and early morning hours. This means your recipient gets a great start to the day, with delivery right to their door. We prefer to safely and securely leave the parcel in the mailbox – if there isn’t enough room there, we hang it on the door in a bag made of recycled plastic. 

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Give your recipient the freedom of choice
with delivery to daoSHOP!

With daoSHOP delivery, you can offer your recipients a flexible delivery solution, allowing them to pick up their parcels when it suits them. With more than 1300 pickup locations across Denmark, we definitely have one near you and one near your recipient. 

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Parcels to Europe

Do you have international customers? Then we are ready to assist you with shipping to 24 European countries. We make it easy, both for you and for your recipient. The parcel can, of course, be tracked all the way with our standard Track & Trace. 

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Label-free return solution

Return parcels without printing a label

When you send parcels with us, you always receive a 9-digit code, which your recipients can use to return the parcel. This means that your recipients do not need a printer to send return parcels with us.


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Let’s find the optimal delivery solution that suits your business and your customers’ expectations. With dao, your parcels, letters, magazines and newspapers will arrive safely to every address in Denmark.

Are you curious to hear more or receive a customized delivery offer? Then fill out the form below or contact us by e-mail at or phone +45 72 33 08 14.