Frederik Nielsen, Founder and co-owner, avXperten

At avXperten, we experience a general satisfaction from our customers who choose dao as a freight solution. Our customers, like everyone else on the web, have become accustomed to fast delivery and high delivery security, and both are something dao largely lives up to.

Asger Kragh, CEO, Bambuni

Bambuni is today a 100% dao partner. This means that we send all our packages with dao, as it is the alpha-omega that our customers experience efficient delivery. As an online store with bamboo clothing and bedding, it is essential that we can deliver quickly. I am happy with our collaboration with dao – so I chose to go all in! dao is truly a player on the market who manages to be dynamic and adapt to their customers and the market. Our customers are satisfied, and we experience great professionalism from dao throughout. Likewise, their business customer service is for UG.

Jakob Thomsen, Customer Operations Manager, Helsebixen

At, we are very pleased with our collaboration with dao. In addition to providing a fantastic service with fast delivery to our customers, we consider dao a strategically important partner. Our collaboration with dao works smoothly and we receive a great understanding of the challenges we face and experience a willingness on the part of dao to find solutions that work for both parties. We see dao as an important part of our achieved and future growth.

Patrick Lønne-Hoffmann, Kids World

At Kids-world we strive to always offer our customers fast delivery. dao contributes giving our customers a great shopping experience because the customers now have the opportunity to receive packages during weekends and National Holidays. Which of course helps increase our competitiveness.
The customers positive feedback also secure that it was the right thing to do entering a partnership with dao.

Bjarke Mailund, CEO, Mobilcovers & Tabletcovers

dao is our primary carrier because its concept is a perfect fit to our set-up with smaller items which the delivery persons can carry on their scooter and deliver in mailboxes. It is essential for us that the goods arrive quickly. Shipping is an important part of the customer experience and we receive a lot of positive feedback from customers because of dao’s fast delivery. After all, that level of satisfaction reflects directly back at MOBILCOVERS.DK. Our collaboration with dao is really good. They are good at following up on our enquiries which strengthens both credibility and collaboration.

Nils K. Træholt, CEO, Med24

In our collaboration with dao, we feel that they have fully understood putting themselves in their customer’s – our – place when it comes to e-commerce and we are impressed by how dao has thought out of the box when it comes to the distribution to our customers. It has helped to become much more competitive – and not least compared to our many international competitors who advertise with cheaper prices and free delivery. We consider dao a most vital collaborative partner in terms of competitiveness.

Luise Sejrup, Owner, Molly & My

For Molly&My speed is a crucial factor which makees dao’s early morning delivery a big plus. We see that our costumers are pleased with the service and choses dao as delivery. Therefor it is an obvious choice for us.

Silvan Popovic, CEO, MyTrendyPhone

At MyTrendyPhone, we see dao as an important partner when it comes to fast and problem-free delivery. We greatly value their day-to-day delivery, and it is also something that our customers prioritize. It is also a big advantage that dao delivers 365 days a year, and we believe that this is the reason why some of our customers choose dao. The ability to deliver customers’ orders both on weekends and holidays has really helped us and thus improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, dao is an obvious and reliable business partner for us.

Patrick Wolffgang, Commercial Director, Reshopper

dao is the shipping solution that the majority of users on Reshopper choose. This is because dao consistently manages to deliver high reliability in shipping, at a good price, and with very little hassle. Both we and our users are really happy with the partnership with dao.

Dennis Drejer, CEO, Rito

At, we find that a significant portion of our customers actively choose dao as their preferred shipping option when placing their orders. A large part of our target audience highly values the early next-day morning delivery, especially when they need the last skein of yarn to complete a project. As we grow and have enough volume to pick and pack orders all seven days of the week, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to promise customers next morning delivery – 365 days a year. We notice that sales drop on Fridays and the day before a public holiday due to increased delivery time, and we hope to reduce this through our partnership with dao.