December 20, 2023

Delivery for Christmas

Need your parcels to arrive before Christmas? Discover the final dispatch dates by reading on.

Want the gift ready under the Christmas tree on December 24th?

At dao, we deliver parcels 365 days a year, but if the parcel needs to arrive before Christmas, then read on here.

If you’re sending parcels as a private individual or a small webshop, the last deadline for dropping off parcels at a daoSHOP is December 19th. We’ll pick up the parcels on December 20th and deliver them to your recipient all the way up to December 23rd, ensuring they have them before Christmas.

Remember, we deliver daoHOME parcels every day – including Christmas Eve! Therefore, the last deadline for dropping off parcels sent with daoHOME is December 20th.

Please note, we do not deliver parcels in daoSHOP on December 24th, 25th, and 26th, as well as January 1st, since many daoSHOPs are closed on these days.


Do you have a pickup, or do you deliver directly to our terminal?

We recommend that daoSHOP parcels be sent by no later than December 21st and daoHOME parcels by December 22nd. This way, we can ensure that your recipients receive their parcels before Christmas. We will, of course, also pick up from you on December 23rd – however, we cannot guarantee that all parcels will arrive by December 24th.

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