December 20, 2023

Launch of New Letter Product

On January 1, 2024, a new postal law comes into effect, ensuring free competition and equal conditions for all companies in the Danish postal market, where no one receives special subsidies and everyone is subject to the same VAT collection. Seizing this opportunity, dao is launching the distribution of letters, including for private individuals.

When the obligation to carry mail, after 400 years, is abolished at the turn of the year, dao is ready to handle all types of shipments (letters, magazines, newspapers, and packages) for both businesses and private individuals nationwide.

dao already distributes most types of shipments to both businesses and private individuals, but some types of shipments have not been profitable to distribute because the market conditions have not been present. This will change from the turn of the year, when dao begins the sale and distribution of letters, to and from everyone. This does not require a restructuring for dao, which already distributes letters for businesses and has distributors across the country – including the islands – 365 days a year. At dao, they are looking forward to the new opportunities that the new postal law brings:

“We have been waiting for this for more than 20 years,” says CEO of dao, Hans Peter Nissen, and continues: “the new letter product gives us completely new opportunities to service our customers, and with our current setup, we can take on the task from day one, because we already deliver newspapers, magazines, packages, and business letters to all addresses in the country.”

dao’s new letter product is launched with two weight types, up to 100 g and up to 250 g, and the letters are easy to send. Customers purchase a code via dao’s app, website, or through customer service, which should be written in the top right corner of the letter. Prices start from 20 kr. incl. VAT, and the letter is dropped off at one of more than 1,300 daoSHOPs. dao is also working on expanding with shipping labels, which can be purchased and placed on the letter, and a service to have the letters picked up at the home address.

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