We deliver to and from everyone and always to the place that suits you best. We deliver to all of Denmark and have more than 1300 daoSHOPs spread across the entire country.

Home delivery,
365 days a year

With dao home delivery, the parcels are delivered during the night and early morning hours. This means you'll get a great start to the day with delivery right to your door. We prefer to deliver the parcel safely and securely to the mailbox – if there is no space there, it will hang on the door in a bag made of recycled plastic.

Fast delivery
and easy pickup

Do you need to send a slightly larger parcel? Then daoSHOP is the perfect way to ship! With 1300 stores across the country, we always have one near you where you can easily pick up and send your parcels. When you pick up your parcel, you only need to provide your parcel number and delivery code – it doesn't get any easier.

across Europe

Do you need to send a parcel out in Europe? Don't worry, it's as simple as sending parcels in Denmark. We have made it easy for you to send your parcels out in Europe.

Book pickup of your parcel at your private address

Don't have time or opportunity to hand in the parcel in a daoSHOP? Then use our pick-up service, daoPICKUP. We will pick up the parcel at your address and make sure to deliver to your recipient within 4 days. You can easily book a pickup at your private address.

How to properly pack your goods

Do you need tips on how to pack your goods so that they are protected in the best way possible, when sending them to your recipient?

Get an overview with our app

With our app, you can track your parcels and purchase shipment of letters and parcels.

Send without printing a label

When you buy the shipment from us, you always get a 9-digit code with which you can send the parcel. This means that you do not need a printer to send parcels with us.