Proper packaging

Proper packaging

To ensure that your items arrive safely and in the same condition as when they were shipped, it’s important to pack them securely. Here's a friendly guide on how to best pack your items so they're well protected on their journey.

Understand the importance
of safe packaging

When you send a parcel, it travels through different stages of transportation and automatic handling. By packing your items securely, you not only ensure that they arrive safely, you also avoid potential disappointments and extra expenses 

Using the right packaging

Choose a box that fits the size of your item, but also provides space for protective fillers. A good tip is to leave about 5 cm of space on all sides of the item for filler material, which can absorb shock and protect against pressure. Unfortunately, our sorting systems cannot take into accountfragile” labels and the like.

Protect your items

Use bubble wrap, foam, or crumpled paper to surround your items inside the box. This is especially important for fragile objects that can break easily. Make sure to fill the box completely so that your goods cannot move during transport. 

Special considerations for liquids

If you’re shipping liquids, it’s crucial to wrap them in plastic bags or other waterproof packaging. This will prevent leakage, which can damage other items in the box or even ruin the parcel. Close the bags tightly and secure them with tape. Then carefully place them in the box with sufficient filling material around. 

Check and double check

Before sealing your parcel, check one last time that everything is well protected and secured. Gently shake the box to make sure nothing moves freely inside. If you can hear or feel movement, open the box and add more filler material. 

Seal your parcel well

Use strong tape to seal the box on all openings and edges. This helps ensure that the box remains closed throughout the journey. 

By following this advice, you’ll not only help ensure your items arrive safely, but you’ll also contribute to a more positive experience for the recipient. Remember that a little extra attention and care when packing can make a big difference. Safe shipping starts with you!