We're bright red, but we're working hard to go green!

Our goal is always to minimize our CO2 footprint as much as possible! How do we do it? Among other things, we use electric scooters and electric bikes for a large part of our nightly deliveries throughout Denmark. In fact, more than 75% of our own vehicles run on pure electricity! We continuously test and investigate the possibilities of greener alternatives such as electricity, hydrogen and biodiesel for those of our own vehicles that still use fossil fuels. 

Our terminal in Erritsø is equipped with solar cells on the roof – we use this energy as a supplement to charge our electric scooters and at our sorting plant.  

We take care of your goods and the environment!
To ensure parcels delivered to home addresses are protected, we pack them in a plastic bag when hanging them on the door handle. The bag is made with care, and consists primarily of recycled plastic. Green transition is the core: We are fundamentally dependent on a healthy planet and on the people who live on it.  By continuing with our eco-friendly initiatives, we can continue to deliver your parcels, newspapers, letters, and magazines – 365 days a year! 

dao's social responsibility

dao publishes an annual report on our corporate social responsibility. Starting in 2022, we are included in the consolidated report for JP/Politikens Hus A/S.
Policies and objectives regarding social responsibility can be found on the group’s website: jppol.dk/samfundsansvar


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