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Delivery 365 days a year

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Focus on sustainability

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Delivery to all of Denmark

Delivery where it suits you

If there is one thing we understand, it’s the joy of anticipation of receiving and the simplicity of sending. That’s why we drive off every night to deliver what you are looking forward to. We deliver to everyone, all days, all nights, all year round and always where it suits you – at the kiosk or right in the mailbox.

We love flexibility, just like you. Therefore, you can always choose to send your parcel or letter from where it’s easiest for you. At dao, we love to have you on the journey. Therefore, via our app, you can get the full overview of your shipments all the way to and from you.


Your fast track to sending loving greetings, important documents or maybe even your secret recipe for the world's best pancakes. You can buy shipping directly in our app or on our website and drop it off at your nearest daoSHOP.


Do you prefer morning delivery with daoHOME or convenient delivery to your favorite daoSHOP? Or are your parcels going on an adventure in Europe? Maybe you need pickup at your address with daoPICKUP? Then we have all your shipping needs covered. Click to read more about all our services.

Send without printing a label

When you buy shipping from us, you always get a 9-digit code, to send the parcel with. This means that you don’t need a printer to send parcels with us.

Book pickup of your parcel on your home address

Need to send a parcel – and want it to be extra easy? Then daoPICKUP is the solution for you!

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